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Dedicated to assisting those with developmental learning difficulties

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Helping children realise their potential

Parents and Teachers Ask: Why is this child behaving this way?
At Blue Horizon Learning we answer: Certain children are trying to get our attention. Why? It’s a cry for help!
They need us to know they are experiencing brain connections that are simply unreliable and this makes the world is an unsafe place!
Everyday is a battle to meet the scary unexpected.

I pondered for sometime what I could write to express the gratitude that I have for Laila and what she has done for our son and our family. I do not know where we would be if it wasn’t for her. Laila’s consideration and understanding of ours son’s needs and her ability to implement methods that address theses needs have surpassed anything I could have expected. The growth that has occurred and the way that Laila has walked beside us the whole way through has enabled our son and us to gain all the benefits the program offers. Additionally, the program has provided us with immense insight and awareness that has helped on so many levels. When things were challenging Laila was there providing insight and knowledge that supported us through to success. Laila’s experience, knowledge and wisdom is a guiding light that I will be forever grateful for.
Laila was recommended to us and after our experience it is with utmost sincerity that I also highly recommend Laila.

With immense gratitude,
— Sandy

Do you recognise these children? 

These are only a few small sketches given by teachers identifying those children who are calling out for help


The Daydreamer

He is so quiet that he is really no trouble. He mostly is away in a world of his own most of the time. It’s no wonder that he is having trouble learning, he struggles to follow what is going on.

The Restless Wanderer

She is very unpredictable. She likes some things and not others. She is very behind with her reading and spelling and does want to try. She can’t stay on task and likes to wander and distract others. She enjoys outdoor activities the best.

The Timid Child

She is unhappy at school. She says that the teacher won’t help her but she won’t ask for help. She complains that the teacher never explains things and picks on her and all the other children think so too.

The Fast Talker

If she stopped talking for a while, she might learn something. She does know some things but the other children get tired of her showing off. She only listens to what she wants to and the rest of the time she is trying to get attention.

The Fighter

He is always in trouble, and when there is a problem, he gets argumentative and may be aggressive. There appears to be no apparent reason. When you try to talk it through, he won’t listen. He struggles to make friends.

The Mystery

He has such a lovely nature, he really wants to please. Tends to play with younger children He is a good trier but can’t remember things. He is very inventive and clever, so why can’t he learn?

The Class Joker

As soon as you turn your back, he is acting the fool. It’s just to get attention but it tends to disrupt the whole class. He wants to do as little work as possible and rarely hands in his work. If he would only try, he could do his work.